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Founded in 1812, Citibank is a global bank with a presence in over 100 countries across four continents and, in addition to standard banking transactions, has an extensive financial and investment product range. Citibank was launched in the Arab World in 1964 and today offers comprehensive corporate banking services across ten Arab countries including Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Pakistan. Consumer banking services are provided in Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and Pakistan while Citi Private Bank caters to high net worth clients. Citiank UAE has consistently ranked as a premier choice in the market place, in particular, as a leading credit card provider. A recipient of extensive industry awards, Citibank has a world-class product and service offering including a dedicated Non Resident Indian (NRI) division with a diverse portfolio catering uniquely to this market.
Latest products from Citibank
Citibank - Personal Loan 3.7%
Citi - Personal Loan Without Salary Transfer 7.71%
Citibank - Citi Simplicity 3.5%
Citibank - Emirates-Citibank Ultima 3.25%
Citibank - Emirates-Citibank Ultimate 3.25%
Citibank - Emirates-Citibank World 3.25%
Citibank - Citi Prestige 3.25%
Citibank - Citi Premier 3.25%
Citibank - Citi Rewards 3.25%
Citibank - Citi Cashback Card 3.25%
Citibank - Citi Ready Credit 3.5%
Citibank - Savings Account