Sport SUVs. They’re a nice idea, but on the whole, they tend to be compromised on the road, and absolutely useless off it.

Well, with the exception of the Range Rover Sport.

A point that was recently proven with a little PR stunt that Land Rover just pulled in China. The stunt saw a standard Range Rover Sport climb a 45-degree staircase that lead to the Heaven’s Gate rock arch. The climb contains 99 steps, and would probably destroy most sport SUVs. But it seems the Range Rover Sport took the challenge in its stride.

In fact, the car had taken on a lot more than that in the moments leading up to the climb. The challenge actually began at the bottom of the legendary 11.3 km Tianmen Mountain Road (known as the Dragon Road). The showroom standard Range Rover Sport took on the demanding course, with Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Ho-Pin Tung behind the wheel.

Phil Jones, Land Rover Experience expert, said: “This was the hardest Range Rover Sport challenge I’ve ever been involved with because, until we reached the top, we couldn’t categorically say we would succeed. By making it to the summit, we’ve proven the phenomenal capability of the Range Rover Sport like never before.”

Naturally, Land Rover videoed the whole thing. Check out the video here if you’re, ahem, so inclined.