Read about ALEXBANK
Established in 1957 and a proud member of the Intesa San Paolo Group since 2007, today ALEXBANK is one of Egypt’s leading private sector banks.
As the fifth largest private sector bank in terms of total assets and No.1 in retail assets market share, ALEXBANK also owns one of the largest private sector branch networks in the country, with a total of 170 branches located in every major Egyptian governorate and more than 5,000 employees.

As the only Italian commercial bank in the Middle East and North Africa region, ALEXBANK is proud to serve over 1.6 million customers, playing a vital role in Egypt’s economic present and future.

Everyday we serve customers from all segments and business areas by providing value added financial products, services and solutions to Corporate, SME, Small Business and Retail Customers.

ALEXBANK is in the midst of an ambitious development plan to bring its branch design, infrastructure and service model in line with the global standards of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.
Latest products from ALEXBANK
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Alex Bank - Liverpool Titanium Credit Card
ALEXBANK - Mortgage (Alex Home)
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto with Salary Transfer
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto without Salary/Installment Transfer
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto Self-Employed
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto against deposits
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto for Installment Transfer
ALEXBANK - Alex Auto for Pensioners
Alex Bank - Tawfeer Plus
Alex Bank - Micro Depositors Saving Account
Alex Bank - Saving Account
Alex Bank - Pension Investment
Alex Bank - Youth and small Depositors Saving Account
Alex Bank - Alex Go Current Account
Alex Bank - Alex Plus Account
Alex Bank - Smart Time Deposit
Alex Bank - Time Deposit in EGP