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Bank Audi sal is a full fledged bank with operations in Lebanon, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa region and Turkey. Founded in 1830 in Lebanon and incorporated in its present form in 1962 as a private joint stock company with limited liability.

Bank Audi offers universal banking products and services covering Corporate, Commercial, Individual and Private Banking services to a diversified client base mainly in the MENA region and Turkey. It ranks first among Lebanese banks as per major banking aggregates and stands among the top Arab banking groups. In addition to its historic presence in Lebanon, Switzerland and France, it is present in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi (through a representative office), Monaco and Turkey, and is expected to launch its operation in Iraq in 2015.

Bank Audi Group main purpose is to achieve quality growth by connecting customers to opportunities and allowing delivering long-term sustainable value to all stakeholders.
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