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Headquartered in Beirut, Bankmed is one of the top five banks in Lebanon. Originally established in 1944, under Beirut CR 5261 - Banks List No: 22, its market share - measured by total assets - has grown over the years to comprise around 10% of the total of the Lebanese banking system today. Bankmed, through its 61 branches spread all over Lebanon, and one in Cyprus, offers a wide range of novel products and quality services to both individuals and corporations. Bankmed’s private bank in Switzerland, Bankmed Suisse, is engaged in asset-management and advisory banking services, through its offices in Geneva. Bankmed’s regional presence was expanded to Turkey in 2007 with the addition of a subsidiary commercial bank, T-Bank, to the Group. In 2008 the SaudiMed Investment Company was launched in Riyadh which provides investment and corporate advisory services to a growing base of customers in the Kingdom and elsewhere in Middle East. By the end of 2009, Bankmed’s total assets stood at around US$10.6 billion, it had customer deposits of approximately US$8.2billion and total loans of just over US$3.1 billion. Bankmed has a client-portfolio currently exceeding 130,000 customers
Latest products from Bankmed
Bankmed - Personal Loan 11.4%
Bankmed - Smart Loan 10%
BankMed - Classic Standard MasterCard 1.65%
BankMed - Gold Standard MasterCard 1.65%
Bankmed - Housing Loan in USD
Bankmed - Car Loan 3.75%