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 Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World opened its doors in 1959. The shareholders at the time were Arab investors; mainly the well-known Kuwaiti Al-Sabbah family and the prominent Baydass Group. 
They had a mission to serve the Arab countries and a vision to capitalize on an era of prosperity and wealth.

The bank witnessed a rapid growth throughout the years and presented an attractive investment for a group of Lebanese businessmen who took over in 1992 to launch a new dynamic period.

Dedicated management, sound practices, and prudent credit underwriting allowed the bank to survive the civil war and realize steady and solid growth. 

The bank was successful in instituting a series of achievements:
  • Strong national presence and an entrusted reputation,Successful and sound increase of capital
  • Double the number of branches
  • A diversified portfolio
  • A remarkable Return on Equity (ROE) over the years
  • A devoted staff striving to serve stakeholders 
Above all, the bank gained the trust and satisfaction of our business partners. In 2010, they changed the bank's name to Fenicia Bank. The change reflected it's desire to grow and lay the foundations for a new success story along with the banks persistent aim to expand their banking relationships beyond the Mediterranean.
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