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The bank was incorporated on May 5, 1967, as a Société Anonyme Libanaise (joint stock company) under the name of “Development Bank SAL” with a capital of LBP 8 million for a period of 99 years

In 1998, the majority of the Bank’s shares was purchased by a group of Lebanese and foreign investors. A year later, in September 1999, the Bank acquired the total share capital of BCP Oriel Bank, and consequently all branches of the acquired bank are to this date operating under Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL Bank). Mr. Salim Habib has been Chairman-General Manager of the Bank since 1998.

The current group of shareholders that took over the Bank in 1998 pursued a policy towards raising the Bank into one of the top national banks.

IBL Group's mission is to offer high quality banking services to its clients while having a geographical presence in Lebanon and the Region, offering proper diversification. Currently, IBL has 19 local branches. one branch in Cyprus - Limassol and two branches in Iraq (Erbil and Baghdad). And soon we will open a new branch in Basra - Iraq

Currently, the Bank, strong amid its track record of solid growth, rigorous risk management and adequate Capital levels, is in the process of developing its local and regional network.

The Bank’s Head-Office and main branch are located in Achrafieh, Beirut
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