Tips to Save Money

The 5 Apps You Need to Download

One of the most common things that we hear across the board from our customers is that they want to save money and spend smarter. To help you control your urge to splurge we found 5 apps that will do exactly that.

1. Groupon

If you haven’t downloaded this famous app yet, it’s time to do it.  You can find discounts on everything you could think of from dinners to home cleaning services to spa treatments and the best part is that it’s free to download.

2. Pricena

If you pride yourself on being a savvy shopper then this is the app for you because it compares prices for thousands of products from over 500 product categories and more than 50 online stores so you’re sure to get the best deal around.  It will alert you of price drops and you can even scan products in store to find out if you can get them cheaper somewhere else.

3. Entertainer

Another famous app in the UAE is the Entertainer and although it requires a bit of investment at 395 aed, it’s definitely worth the money.  “Buy one get one free” is the motto of this app so there are big savings involved but what’s even better is that the list of participating businesses is huge!

4. Wally

Now let’s move over to the apps that help you track and understand your spending.  Wally does just that.  It allows you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards so it can monitor your spending patterns and make sure you stick to your set budget.

5. Splitwise 

If your lifestyle is more communal and you’re always sharing bills and expenses with friends and roommates then this app makes your life a whole lot easier.  It simplifies the process by keeping a tab running of what’s owed so you can pay each other back in one big payment rather than a series of small ones.  It can also convert all your bills to any currency based on today’s exchange rates.