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Alinma Bank is licensed to operate in the Saudi financial services sector, a sector that has experienced positive growth in recent years and is vital to the strength of the national economy. It is in this strong economic environment that Alinma Bank will show its competitive advantages in the following areas.

Alinma Bank seeks to become an integrated financial institution that is in complete accordance with Shariah-compliant banking standards in all services and transactions. It is this dedication to higher standards that Alinma Bank believes will establish it as the touchstone for Shariah

Alinma Bank’s executive and managerial core comprises individuals who are highly qualified and capable of leading the organization. All bring to Alinma strong backgrounds in the financial services industry as well as personal leadership qualities. With such talented people, Alinma is confident that it can succeed in growing its business and in becoming one of the leading Shariah-compliant financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

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