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Minimum Salary Salary Transfer Islamic Finance Maximum Term Flat Rate Reducing Rate
National Commercial Bank - Personal Finance National Commercial Bank - Personal Finance Minimum Salary: SAR 3,000 Salary Transfer: Yes Islamic Finance: Yes Maximum Term: 5 Years Flat Rate: 3.3% Reducing Rate: 5.94%
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Whether you want to renovate your home, plan your vacation, complete your children's education or whatever your finance target may be, NCB Personal Finance meets and achieves all of your aspirations.

  • Sharia Compliance
  • Instant Approval
  • Payment programs with easy installments for up to 5 years
  • Possible Top-up financing
  • Deferred installments during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Insurance in case of death or disability
  • Repayment period up to 60 months
Documents Required
  • Completed Application Form
  • A copy of your ID card or Iqama
  • A letter from your employer that includes: job type, date of employment and monthly income
  • The customer must be employed in a company in the public or private sector which transfers the salaries of their employees to NCB via "SARIE" system for payroll.
  • The customer must have an active portfolio in case he wants to transfer the shares to his portfolio
  • Minimum monthly salary: SR 3,000 for Saudis and SR 4,000 for non-Saudis.**
  • Employment period must not be less than one month for (Saudis in the gov sector), and 3 months for (Saudis in the big 5 & non-Saudis in the government and big 5) , and 1 year for (Saudis & non Saudis in the private sector)
  • Minimum age of applicant is 18 years old at the date of submission of application and must be less than 60 years old at the date of last installment for Saudis***
  • Minimum age of applicant is 22 years old at the date of submission of application and must be less than 60 years old at the date of last installment for non-Saudis **
Additional Information
Terms and Conditions apply Annual profit rate starts from 2.92% for a 5 year term Admin fees at 1% of the finance amount, maximum of SAR 5,000​
** Calculator Definitions
Amount: The total amount of money borrowed, also referred to as the principal amount.
Rate (%): This is the annual interest flat rate on the product. This is not the APR, which is going to be calculated in this example.
Years: This is the original term or length of the product, stated in years.
Effective Monthly Payment: This is the effective monthly payment, which takes into consideration fees and other costs associated with this product. The effective monthly payment is the basis for the APR calculation.
Calculated Annual Percentage Rate (%): The calculated Annual Percentage Rate(APR) is determined using the annual interest rate on the product plus fees and other costs. The APR is useful when comparing two or more products with different interest rates and fee structures.
Representative Example Calculator
SABB - Personal Finance
Minimum Salary
SAR 3000
Flat Rate
Emirates NBD - Islamic-Non-Salary Transfer Financing
Minimum Salary
SAR 15000
Flat Rate
Samba - Personal Finance For Expatriates
Minimum Salary
SAR 2500
Flat Rate