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Banque Libano-Française is a Lebanese, universal, highly performing bank, renowned for its professionalism and financial strength.

Banque Libano-Française is a bank of competences and a benchmark for innovation and financial, technical and technological solutions. the bank offer a competitive know-how, an advanced expertise and quality services. In order to meet the needs of the clients and to follow the evolution of the markets, the bank established a Training Center that provides thousands of hours of annual trainings, and implemented coaching, management and development programs to constantly improve the competences and the knowledge of our employees.

• Responsibility • Integrity • Skills • Humanism • Commitment

All these values represent a set of core beliefs which are permanent, steadfast and faithful to the bank founder’s personality and legacy. These values have made our history, they dictate  present and draw the path to follow in the future. They are reflected in the bank's vision, the bank's strategy, the bank's policy and the bank's proce¬dures. They are transmitted in terms of best practice, setting the behavior standards of the bank's employees. By spontaneously and constantly applying values, the bank contributing to the unity, the performance, the competitiveness, the sustainability and the visibility of the Bank.
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