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Dentists in Dubai : How to find the best


Dental care can sometimes be included in your full health insurance cover, but if it’s not you’ll need to shop around for the best quotes.

Dental care is highly competitive in the UAE with dozens of dental practices spread across town. Emergency fillings and extractions are normally included in standard health plans, but specialized treatment including crowns, bridges and prosthetics will see your costs spiral.

Check that your dental cover includes the cost of x-rays and simple cleaning, and also if there’s a limit to the number of annual check ups you can receive. Check that your dentist operates to strict standards – the European Dental Council being one of them. Some practices will even let you choose a DVD to watch, and give you a hand or foot massage while you’re being seen to.

Some dental practices will offer orthodontic care for children under 18 and adults, and it’s not unusual to find people looking to fix their smile later in life in the UAE. Teeth whitening is also a popular procedure, with most offering to boost your smile wattage in just a few sessions.

Many dental practices are located along Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road, but you’ll now find a reliable dentist in virtually every part of the city.

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