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Who is entitled to Ramadan hours under UAE Labour Law?

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Ramadan working hours for both those who are fasting and those who aren’t always causes a bit of confusion. What are the rules? How many hours should you work? Will your pay be cut? Here’s all you need to know.

What are the working hours during Ramadan?

Under Article 65 of the UAE Federal Law, the maximum number of working hours for adults ordinarily is eight hours per day. During Ramadan these get reduced by two hours, meaning you will only work six hours each day.

What if I’m not fasting?

Even if you’re not fasting, the reduced hours are still applicable. The UAE Federal Law doesn’t differentiate between those who do fast and those who don’t.

Will my pay be cut?

Nope, your employer isn’t allowed to reduce your pay for the shortened hours. You will be paid your normal salary, despite the two reduced hours per day.

Are there any exceptions?

The Ramadan hours apply to all employees and sectors which are governed by the Federal Law. DIFC, however, falls under another law (Article Law No. 4 of 2005) which has different regulations. In DIFC only fasting employees are entitled to reduced hours, non-fasting employees may be required to work regular hours.

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