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Whether it’s your pet’s annual check up, time to get your pet neutered or you’ve just arrived in the city and you need to get your animal vaccinated and registered, you’ll need to find a vets you can trust.

The good news is that there are dozens of veterinary clinics spread across the city so you shouldn’t have too far to travel, a vital consideration if it’s an emergency.

Most vets will offer long hours during the week – some will stay open until 9 or 10pm so you can make the journey after work – while they’ll have an emergency out of hours contact. Some are even open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The municipality insists that all dogs and cats are registered and vaccinated on an annual basis, which can only be done at the vets. This will cost AED 65, with the microchip somewhere between AED 100-250. Prices for a check up, vaccination and de-worming start from AED 200, while neutering can cost AED5 00 and more – there are a wide range of prices across the city, so make sure to shop around. Some charities will help with the cost of neutering, which can help you save money.

Most vets will accept regular pets like cats, dogs, birds and fish, but not all will look after more exotic animals like reptiles. Most vets will also offer kennel and cattery services which can get very busy over the summer period, so book well in advance.

If you’re looking to bring animals in or out of the UAE with you, you’ll need an export permit, a valid rabies vaccination, proof that the animal has been micro-chipped and a travel box that meets International Air Transport guidelines. Relocation fees are around AED 8,000. Some vets will be able to help with this process, as it can take months of planning and paperwork from start to finish.

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