Al-Mawarid Bank S.A.L.
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Honesty, integrity and customer focus, These are the cornerstones of Al-Mawarid growth. They serve as the driving forces in their journey towards banking excellence and the realization of their vision: 
“AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. will be a world class provider of banking services”. They will achieve this through the management initiatives, they are implementing, as they are targeted at shaping the way their staff perceive, think and respond to the customer. Their values will be reflected in the output of every function, in the products they create, the systems they implement and the way they serve their customers. By living up to these promises every day, they make sure that AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. is the best place to bank.

 As part of their evolutionary strategy, they are continually developing and improving their culture, services, and products to ensure greater client loyalty!
Latest products from Al-Mawarid Bank S.A.L.
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