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Credit Libanais SAL, which aims to meet the needs of each customer throughout its lifecycle, operates as a global provider providing a full range of banking products and services channeled through an extensive network of 69 branches, an Islamic banking, a financial institution, a leasing and an insurance company subsidiaries in Lebanon, full-fledged branches in Limassol, Cyprus; Manama, Bahrain, Irbil and Baghdad, Iraq, and a Representative Office in Montreal, Canada as well as a banking subsidiary in Senegal, which paves the way for expansion in all eight states of the economic zone of West Africa.

The Bank also is a pioneer in the field of e-banking and reaps the benefits of a large network of international correspondents around the globe.

The Bank offers its customers specialized financial products and services, through its activities and those of its numerous subsidiaries, a wide array of products and services, including retail, corporate, investment and Islamic banking, leasing, micro-finance, insurance as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) funding.  The Bank is a pioneer in e-banking services, operating a wide network of ATMs and POS, an advanced Call Centre and internet banking services that allow customers easily and securely access the Bank, wherever they may be in the global village.

The Bank is a pioneer in the field of innovative technological services, including Internet banking, Customer Service Center, Phone banking, and Mobile banking.  This strategy is in line with our customer focus policy which aims at providing customers with convenient access to the Bank from the privacy and comfort of their homes or offices.

Credit Libanais also furnishes quality standards in capital markets and private banking products and instruments, traded on both domestic and international markets. The Bank is an active participant in the co-management of all sovereign Eurobonds issues and is considered a major market maker on the Lebanese fixed income securities market.
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