Qatar Islamic Bank
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Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) was founded in 1982, becoming the country’s first Islamic financial institution and Sharia’-compliant bank. Its products and operations are supervised by a Sharia’ board, which ensures the Bank adheres to Islamic finance principles.

QIB is now the largest Islamic Bank in Qatar by far, with a 35% share of the Islamic sector and a 9% share of the banking market overall.QIB conducts its domestic business through 32 branches spread throughout the country in additional to private centers for Ladies and dedicated lounges for affluent customers, augmented by more than 175 multi-function ATM installations.
Latest products from Qatar Islamic Bank
QIB Personal Finance for Qatari Nationals 3.2%
QIB Personal Finance for Expatriates 3.2%
QIB - Classic Card
QIB Gold Card
QIB - QA Credit Card
QIB - Platinum Card
QIB Home Finance for Qatari Nationals 3%
QIB Home Finance for Expatriates 3%
QIB Car Finance for Qatari Nationals 3.2%
QIB Auto Finance for Expatriates 3.2%
QIB Current Account
QIB Time Deposit Accounts
QIB Saving Accounts