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Al Rostamani International Exchange
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Al Rostamani International Exchange are one of the most trusted names in the money exchange business within the UAE, and have an impeccable history in their business ethics and the way the business is conducted.

Their network of branches is spread across the country in high streets, key town centers / malls and in industrial areas to enable their customers to reach them anywhere.

ARIE is connected to banks globally through direct SWIFT connectivity and all the bank transfers or either routed through SWIFT or the proprietary systems of the banks facilitating Quick and Safe delivery of remittances to the beneficiary’s account held with the bank. The credit to bank account services are routed through an extensive correspondent banking network of over 90 banks worldwide. ARIE is also an agent of internationally well renowned Instant Money Transfer service providers such as MoneyGram, Xpress Money, Sigue Money Transfer and other instant services offered by the bank. The fund transfers are handled at their central processing unit which works beyond midnight in order to ensure timely process and to credit beneficiary’s account within the shortest possible time.

ARIE has a strong compliance process which includes standard operating procedures, periodic training to the front end staff member who interact with the customers. The practice followed in line with the international standards and in compliance to the correspondent banks, local and international regulators worldwide.
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