Mashreq Bank
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Established in 1967 during the Gulf’s first oil boom, Mashreq is one of UAE's pioneering financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain by offering a diverse range of innovative products and services. Committed to leading the UAE banking industry, Mashreq is one of the highest performing banks in region with an extensive branch network offering and one in every two UAE households banking with them. The bank also has 12 offices overseas across nine countries in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa.

Mashreq is considered a true leader in innovative banking with its all-embracing approach to the latest technologies and smart banking solutions that enhance the user experience and allow customers full access to fast and efficient mobile services.
Latest products from Mashreq Bank
Mashreq New to UAE or New to Employer Personal Loan 4.1%
Mashreq Bank - Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loan For Expatriates 14.12%
Mashreq Bank - Personal Loan for Emiratis 2.63%
Mashreq Bank - Emirati Personal loan for pensioners 2.63%
Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card 3.25%
Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Novo Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Bank - SmartSaver Global 3.45%
Mashreq Bank - sMiles Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Bank - Corporate Credit Card 3.25%
Mashreq Bank - FIFA Mashreq Visa Credit Card 3.45%
Mashreq Home Loans 2.99%
Mashreq Car Loan 3.45%
Mashreq Set Up Saver Account
Mashreq Easy Saver Account
Mashreq Basic Saving Account
Mashreq Current Account
Mashreq Bank Current Account (Gold)
Mashreq Bank - Sweep Current Account
Mashreq Unfixed Deposit
Mashreq Fixed Deposit
Mashreq Business Value Account
Mashreq Business Premium Account
Mashreq Business Platinum Account
Mashreq Small Business Loan
Mashreq SME Business Finance
Mashreq Bank Business Credit Card 2%