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Minimum Balance Required Annual Return Features
ADIB - Banoon Children's Account ADIB - Banoon Children's Account Minimum Balance Required: AED 0 Annual Return: 0.53% Features: Islamic Banking
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Our children are our pride and their future is our responsibility. So start saving for them today with the ADIB Banoon Children’s Savings Account.

Banoon Account is a Saving Investment Account that is based on the Islamic principle of Mudarabah.

Banoon Account is designed specifically to assist you to save for your children for their future needs "Mainly education".

Profit Rates:
  • AED 5K to 10K - 0.650%
  • AED 10K to 25K - 0.700%
  • AED 25K to 250K - 0.800%
  • AED 250K and above - 0.820%
  • Minimum balance in Banoon account for profit entitlement is AED 5,000 per month.
Features & Benefits:
  • Subject to achieving the expected profits, the more you save for their future, the higher distributed profit rates they will be eligible for
  • For your convenience, you can save regularly through free standing instructions from your ADIB account to your child's Banoon Account
  • Feel safe about your child's future through ADIB Education Takaful protection of up to AED 100,000 with a takaful contribution amount of only 1 Dirham per day!
  • Minimum balance in Banoon account for profit entitlement is AED 5,000 per month
  • No Cheque Book
  • Initial Deposit - AED 1000
  • Minimum Balance - AED 1000
  • Minimum Salary - Not required
  • Semi annual charges are waived
  • Let your child discover and have fun with the great range of deals and offers at their favorite shops
  • Set up convenient automatic loading from your account to your child's Card
  • Free Takaful Cash Cover Protection for a maximum card limit of AED 500 and below to make their little budget safer in a Card
  • Receive an instant SMS for every transaction that takes place on your child's Card
  • Their Card, their smile. Make it special for them with their name and picture displayed on the Card
  • The Card allows your child to withdraw cash, purchase items, and shop online safely and conveniently
Watch your children make their first step into the world of finance and discover it with:
  • Darhoom welcome gifts (coin box, storybook & activity book with crayons)
  • Darhoom Card (first prepaid card for children)
  • Learning activities about saving with Darhoom character all over the UAE
  • Darhoom is special cartoon character created by ADIB to teach children about the importance of saving in a simple and easy way
Required documents: 
  • Banoon Account opening Application form – Guardian
  • Passport/ID of Guardian
  • Passport/ID of child
  • Valid Visa for expatriates
  • 1000 AED as opening balance
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