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At Bank Sohar, we believe that our customers deserve nothing less than excellence. That is why we constantly strive to maintain and further enhance our position as one of Oman’s leading banks. We reiterate our commitment to create the finest banking solutions, services and products that will make us unique, distinct and different – like the proud heritage of Oman. As Oman’s economy experiences sustained growth and the non-petroleum sector emerges as an important economic force, we present ourselves as a 'one-stop financial super-mall' catering to the diverse needs of our individual and corporate customers. We believe that the most effective way to serve our individual customers is to anticipate emerging needs and develop financial products tailored to meet these needs. By adopting a lifecycle approach to the household sector, we have created a cache of value-added products. This includes various savings deposits options, mortgages, consumer lending, insurances and wealth management products, customised to specific consumer touch-points. We see the development of a widespread branch and ATM networks as a key contributor to the success of retail banking combined with the enhancement of alternative electronic channels like internet banking and SMS banking. At Bank Sohar, we adopt a sector specific and knowledge-based approach to corporate banking recognizing the enormous contribution of small and medium enterprises to economic development. We therefore aim to be a flexible, dependable and cost-efficient banking partner and advisor to these enterprises. By keeping our clientele well informed of market developments that may impact their businesses and tailoring our services to suit their requirements, we help ensure that business opportunities for our clientele translates into bottom-line success. In today’s fast-paced world, new technologies constantly redefine the way we do business. At Bank Sohar, we invest in some of the world’s most advanced information technology with the aim of offering our customers the highest level of service in an efficient and cost effective manner. We therefore deploy state-of-the-art I.T. systems that ensure world-class service to our customers. We also recognize that it takes more than technology to create a sustainable organization. By investing in people and regularly training our staff, we aim to create a truly networked and learning organization. We combine our resources of people and knowledge with advanced technology to add value to your business while staying grounded in the core values we believe in. Above all, we at Bank Sohar commit ourselves to changing the landscape of banking in Oman and delivering quality products and services. We want our customers to recognize us as a banking partner who anticipates and understands their needs. We kindly invite you to acquaint yourself with a bank that offers nothing short of excellence in every product and service provided.
Latest products from Bank Sohar
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Personal Finance Solutions
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Excel Debit Card 1.5%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Excel Prepaid Card 1.99%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Excel Credit Cards 1.5%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz excel Credit Card 12%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Debit Platinum Card 1.5%
Bank Sohar - Excel Diamond Infinite Credit Card 1.99%
Bank Sohar - Excel Gold Credit Card 12%
Bank Sohar - Excel Platinum Credit Card 12%
Bank Sohar - Excel Visa Signature Card 12%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Home Loan 5.49%
Bank Sohar - Al Mumayaz Auto Loan 4.49%
Bank Sohar - Current Account