Dubai First
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Established in 2007 and today a leading consumer finance company in the UAE, Dubai First specialises in liability and credit card products. Committed to building sustainable long-term value through innovation and a first class customer service experience, the bank has successfully developed a niche reputation in the consumer finance and credit cards sector and a unique base of regional clients. Dubai First is fully operational from Dubai with representative offices in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and a strong network of partnerships with key banks and exchange houses.

Dubai First has been recognised through extensive awards for its credit card offerings and loyalty card programmes and was the first bank to introduce a card exclusively for UAE nationals. Dubai First continues to introduce bespoke card products dedicated to individual consumer and commercial segments. Customer service remains at the very core of all of its operations.
Latest products from Dubai First
DubaiFirst Miles Visa Infinite Card 3.19%
Dubai first - Cashback 3.5%
DubaiFirst Miles Visa Platinum Card 3.19%
Dubai First - Emirati Card 3.19%
Dubai First - Dubai First Amazing World Card 2.59%
Dubai First - Dubai First Amazing Platinum Card 3.19%
Dubai First - Dubai Moments Platinum Card 3.19%
Dubai First - Dubai Moments Titanium Card 3.19%
CBD - Titanium MasterCard 3.69%
Dubai First - Royale Card 2.59%
Dubai First - Platinum Rewards Card 3.19%
Dubai First - Visa Silver 3.19%
DubaiFirst - Cashback Mastercard Classic 3.19%
Dubai First - Cashback Mastercard Gold 3.19%
Dubai First - Visa Gold 3.19%
Dubai First Corporate Credit Card 2.59%