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Noor Bank
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Formerly known as Noor Islamic Bank, Noor Bank was established in Dubai in January 2008 and today offers a comprehensive range of products and services across the full spectrum from personal and corporate banking, wealth management and insurance to treasury and trading. Noor Bank has fast made a name for itself for its innovative approach, creativity and responsible product and service range, the majority of which are tailored to suit the individual or business. Noor Bank’s 100% Shari’a compliancy lies at the core of the business. With a 95% ownership by Noor Investment Group and 5% ownership by the Emirates Investment Authority, Noor Bank has a notable presence throughout the UAE at a multitude of locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain.
Latest products from Noor Bank
Noor Bank Personal Finance 2.49%
Noor Bank - Best Rate Credit Card 1.66%
Noor Bank - Wafa Credit Card 3%
Noor Bank - Rewards Credit Card 3%
Noor Bank - Srilankan Credit Card 2.99%
Noor Bank - Priority Credit Card 3%
Noor Bank - My wallet 0.99%
Noor Bank - Home Finance For UAE residents
Noor Bank - Home Finance For non-residents 4.99%
Noor Bank - Off-plan finance for residents & non-residents
Noor Bank Auto Finance 2.49%
NoorBank Savings Account
Noor Bank - Wakala Deposit Account
Noor Bank - Dual Account
NoorBank Current Account
NoorBank Advantage Account
Noor Bank Dual Account
NoorBank Term Deposit Account
NoorBank Wakala Deposit
Noor Business Accounts
Noor Business Finance 9.92%