Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
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Formed in 1985, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) resulted from the merger of Emirates Commercial Bank and Federal Commercial Bank with Khaleej Commercial Bank. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, ADCB is today one of the largest banks in the UAE in terms of shareholder funds and market capitalization, providing commercial, investment, merchant, brokerage and fund management activities through its extensive network of branches in the UAE and its small presence in India and the UK. ADCB’s key strengths lie in the consumer banking area with a diverse, innovative and market leading range of products and services, underpinned by a strong market share and a large and loyal customer base. The bank’s widely celebrated campaign ‘Long Live Ambition’ is a celebration of the UAE and its people, highlighting their unique proposition and their approach to their customers, partners and stakeholders.
Latest products from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
ADCB - Smart Loan
ADCB - Personal Loan for Expatriates 5.75%
ADCB - Personal Loan for UAE Nationals 5.25%
ADCB - Hayyak
ADCB - TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card 3.25%
ADCB Lulu Platinum Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card 3.25%
ADCB - Betaqti Credit Card (exclusively for UAE Nationals) 2.5%
ADCB - Lulu Titanium Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - TouchPoints Titanium and Gold Credit Card 3.25%
ADCB - Infinite Credit Card 3.25%
ADCB - Signature Credit Card 3.25%
ADCB 365 Cashback Credit Card 3%
ADCB - Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - talabat Credit Card 3.69%
ADCB - Mortgage Services 3.99%
ADCB - Home Saver 4.25%
ADCB - Car Loan 1.99%
ADCB - Millionaire Destiny Savings Account
ADCB - Current Account
ADCB - Savings and Call Account
ADCB - Switch
ADCB Bank Account
ADCB - e-Business